Photo Jul 02, 12 34 48 PMGreat American Awning’s philosophy has always been one of total quality. We always do the job right the first time and only make promises we can keep. We will never compromise quality for cost. Being a part of the local community, we like to stay in touch with our customers’ needs. We carry only quality product lines and insist on only the best.

Quality Installation
Because our success depends on satisfied customers, we strive to make sure the same quality and caring goes into each and every job, regardless of the size. We want to remain the leader in the industry and be known as the barometer of excellence upon which all others are compared.

Warranty of up to 5 years
We pride ourselves on the great quality of all our products and so it is equally important to have a quality warranty for those products and services.

Delivery & Site Cleanup
When our trained installers arrive to install any of our products you can be assured that you will be left with a professional and clean job.

Display and Showroom
At Great American Awning our showroom is your first impression of who we are, and that’s very important to us. Stop by the showroom and see what we have to offer, we think you will agree it’s a lasting impression.

Sales Representative
All of the Sales Representatives here at Great American Awning is dedicated to providing you with the service that you want and need. You will find them well trained and willing to help find the product you need, that fits your situation.